• Ben White-woodworker-Asheville

Ben White


Ben White grew up in Massachusetts, the son of a carpenter, whose father was also a carpenter as well as a high school teacher. His father ran a cabinetry shop all his life, but Ben didn’t find the trade himself until the summer after his first year of college.

After taking a woodshop class as an art student, Ben found a passion for the creative potential of fine woodcraft. From that point onward, after moving to Vermont and changing majors to outdoor education, he continued to work for his father in between semesters, and paid his way through college at various building jobs.

Eventually, he ended up finding more work in the outdoor adventure industry, but has always found various freelance work in the trade, like a short stint framing and roofing; helping people in the community repair barns or refinishing antique furniture in his basement.

Ben moved to the Asheville area in the Spring of 2018 seeking more opportunities in the outdoor adventure industry, but inevitably found himself drawn back to carpentry work and found himself employed at Architectural Woodcraft, a familiar setting quite similar to his own father’s business.